Enchiladas – Favuorite Dishes

One of the most delectable culinary experiences Mexico offers is found in its enchilada dishes.  Made from corn tortilla and covered in salsa, these concoctions are mouthwateringly superb.

Have a chance to travel in Mexico & taste these, they come in many varieties as the salsa can vary. Most popular are made with green or red salsa.  Chicken is cut into strips, and this makes for a nice filling.


Veggie Snacks


What will vegetarian & vegans adore? What to make when your veggie stock is in abundance? – Try this easy peasy lemon squeezy – Colourful Asian Snack!

Ingredients: Carrots, Celery, Spinach, Rice Paper Rolls, Rice Vermicelli Noodles, Salt, Thai Salad Dressing, Turmeric & Lemon Juice.

Taste testing: Taco Shells

Artwork: Chipotle Hot Sauce by Ranchero. 🙂 <3

Eggcellent Brekkie

Eggcellent Brekkie 

Want some ideas on what to have for breakfast & what ingredients to use? Why not cook some eggs? What kinds of eggs taste amazing in Mexican-styled scrambled brekkie?

- Hilltops!

Where to find them? Look no further than your local IGA stores & Southside Farmers Market.

Ingredients: Hilltops free-range pastured* eggs scrambled with fresh capsicum/tomatoes & onion. Served w/ beans, avocado-guacamole, and tortilla chips.

Other recipe idea: Spinach/other veggies for a Mediterranean-infusion.

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Visit My Farm Tourism

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Responsibility & Goals

This week I realized that we have a responsibility to pass along knowledge to others & how many changes will come in our lives as a result of this exchange. Just this thought alone got me thinking about some personal goals I need to prepare for. How using the image above as an analogy – sometimes it takes time to see different sides to a picture = the mental picture of learning!


Sandia Love

Searching for an idea that sparks curiosity is no easy task. The concept behind watermelons and love might not be easily grasped but in time, with a little water, care and attention to detail – it’s relation can be understood.

Simply sandia